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Toad Poisoning


Bufo toads in Hawaii are poisonous. They like to hang out around and in water sources - like ponds, swimming pools or just hopping around in the rain - especially at night.  In most cases, pets become intrigued by the toads and either nose them around or actually try to bite them.  When disturbed, bufo toads squirt a milky poison out along their backs. When predators, like dogs and very rarely cats, try to bite or pick up the toad in their mouths, the poison absorbs right through the pet's tongue and gums into the blood stream.  The poison causes drooling or foaming at the mouth, vomiting, wobbliness, disorientation, seizures, collapse, heart problems and death.

Once the poison is in your pets' mouth, BEFORE DOING ANYTHING ELSE, RINSE THE MOUTH OUT REALLY WELL.  Turn on a water hose outside or place your pet in a sink or tub and run water in a stream so that the water washes the poison OUT of the mouth and not DOWN the throat.  Continue rinsing for 5-10 minutes. 

If vomiting persists after rinsing the mouth out, or if there are any signs of seizuring, disorientation or weakness please see a veterinarian IMMEDIATELY for further care.