Ali'i Veterinary Hospital

75-349 Hualalai Road
Kailua-Kona, HI 96740


                  Our Mission Statement

Ali`i Veterinary Hospital is a compassionate and highly competent team of individuals committed to providing our clients with excellence in veterinary medical care. Our primary purpose is to serve clients who treat their pets as valued members of their family and want the best health care for them. As we strive to provide our clients with the highest quality of veterinary care in West Hawaii, we practice these values and principals:


  • We are honest, caring and ethical in all our dealings with our clients, their pets and each other.

  • We are devoted to treating all animals and people with dignity and respect.

  • The Hospital's most valuable asset is our staff.  We seek to provide a positive and safe working environment for our employees, so they can develop their abilities, reach their full potential and take pride in their accomplishments.  We encourage open communication and teamwork in order to best serve our customers and their pets.

  • As the success of our Hospital is significantly impacted by its profitability, we are committed to managing our resources wisely.  We will use careful planning and sound financial management to guide our business decisions, in order to provide top quality veterinary care and excellent client service.

  • As a concerned group of veterinary professionals, our Hospital is an advocate for the pet and the pet's needs. We seek to ease animal suffering and to promote animal health. We are committed to encouraging and developing the human-animal bond, so every pet is considered an important family member.

  • Our Hospital is dedicated to active involvement in the local community. We are committed to providing leadership and community service, especially as it relates to pets in our environment.