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Pets entering the State of Hawaii can fly directly to the Kona

International Airport if specific requirements are met.  This program is

called the "Direct Release Program."   You must review and complete all of

the requirements for the 5 Day or Less Program and the Direct Release Program to qualify.

Please note that for the Direct Release Program:


  • Dogs and cats must arrive at the Kona International Airport directly from the continental US.
  • The Quarantine Station must receive all paperwork and payment at least 30 days prior to arrival.
  • You must secure the services of a qualified inspector to meet your pet at the airport. The inspector is paid a fee separate from the Quarantine Station.

Ali'i Veterinary Hospital can inspect dogs and cats according to the criteria and schedule below:

  • Alaska Airlines Cargo and United Airlines Cargo
  • Accompanying people as baggage on United Airlines, Alaska Airlines
  • Accompanying people in cabin on United, Alaska, American Airlines, and private aircraft
  • Private Charters, Kona Express and Kona Shuttle on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays

Tuesday 6pm-8pm:  $350/first pet, $100/additional pet on the same flight

Thursday 6pm-10:30pm: $350/first pet, $100/additional pet on the same flight

Friday 9am-10:30pm: $350/first pet, $100/additional pet on the same flight

Saturday 2pm-10:30pm:  $400/first pet, $100/additional pet on the same flight

Sunday 12pm-7pm: $400/first pet, $100/additional pet on the same flight

 No inspections will be done on major Holidays, 4/23/21, 6/20/21 or from 7/14/21-9/30/21

*****Contact us PRIOR to booking your flight to confirm our availability for inspection*****


Ali'i Veterinary Hospital Direct Release Contact Information:

* Exclusive Direct Release Phone: (808) 895-5369

* Email:

Hawaii Animal Quarantine Station:

* Phone: (808) 483-7151

* E-mail: or


If you have any questions regarding your permits or paperwork, please call the Hawaii Animal Quarantine Station.