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Bug Stings and Bites




Bees, centipedes, scorpions and spiders....we have them all!  Aside from being painful, bug stings and bites can cause allergic reactions.  Most of the time, the reaction is mild, but sometimes life threatening reactions can occur.  The following is a guideline for how to determine whether your pet needs to be seen on emergency:


  • Mild allergic reactions:  Redness, soreness and possibly swelling right at the site of the bite or sting

  • Moderate allergic reactions:  Facial swelling and itching, hives that are usually most noticable along the torso and belly.

  • Severe allergic reactions: Vomiting, diarrhea, wobbliness, difficulty breathing (this can happen if facial swelling is severe), fainting, collapse, death

If you are concerned that your pet may be having a mild or moderate reaction, please do not hesitate to call us.  If your pet has had a severe reaction in the past, or if you notice ANY of the symptoms of having a severe reaction, SEE A VETERINARIAN IMMEDIATELY.